the ice temple fireboy and watergirl 3

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the ice temple fireboy and watergirl 3

About the ice temple fireboy and watergirl 3

fireboy and watergirl 3: the ice temple is a sequel to the fun adventure fireboy and watergirl game.
Your task in this game is to use arrow keys to control Fireboy. Due to his nature, he is weak against water obstacles. When exposed to puddles, he will be extinguished so stay away from those types of traps when controlling Fireboy. He can cross lava pools without any problems. Watergirl can be controlled using the WASD keys, and a similar logic applies to her as well. The only difference is that she is resistant to puddles and can walk through them easily. However, lava pools are very dangerous to her due to her nature as a water element. She will vaporize on contact with lava. You can pass these pools by jumping over them, just make sure you don't miss your jump.
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the ice temple fireboy and watergirl 3
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