Super Red Ball

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About Super Red Ball

This entertaining and engrossing game has evolved into the next version, which is known as Super Red Ball.
Your mission in this game is to find the five gems that are buried throughout it, and you have to do so without getting killed by your opponents, snuffed out by the traps, or hindered on your way by the obstacles in order to emerge victorious. Use the WASD or arrow keys on your keyboard to move the red ball around the screen. By clicking the appropriate arrow key on your keyboard, you will be able to move the ball to the top, bottom, left, or right side of the screen, respectively. In order to clear multiple obstacles at once, you will need to make use of the Up and Right arrow buttons on your keyboard. Because of this, the ball will truly jump, and it will also proceed in its forward motion.
Let's get this game started, shall we?

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