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About Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw the Bridge is a free game that can be played online and offers a variety of people a way to pass the time in a way that is both fun and engaging.

The purpose of this game is for you to maneuver the various vehicles that you see through various gaps that they are unable to get through on their own and require your assistance to do so. It is possible to achieve this goal by drawing paths on the ground for the vehicles used by the aliens to follow. You need to draw things in such a way that the auto-accelerator will have an easy time traveling and will arrive at the finish line unobstructed. This requires you to draw things in such a way that you can. During various sections, you will run into a number of other autos that are headed in a variety of different directions, in addition to a number of obstacles that will stand in your way and prevent you from progressing. Pay special attention to every facet of the game, and finish each level by navigating the automobiles to the location shown on the map.
Let's get this game started, shall we?

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