Moto X3M 6 Spooky Land

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About Moto X3M 6 Spooky Land

A lot of people really enjoy playing the free-speed arcade game Moto X3M 6 Spooky Land.
In this game, it is up to you to accomplish a variety of objectives, get past all of the challenges and obstacles, and cut off as few limbs as you can! Try to cross the finish line as quickly as possible while navigating hazardous roads on your motorcycle, performing somersaults and other insane feats, and competing against other riders. You can buy new motorcycles using the stars you earn from completing levels in the shortest amount of time possible, which will earn you more stars overall. The tracks are decorated with a variety of Halloween-themed elements, ranging from specters and devils to skeletons and bones.
Let's compete against one another in the game.

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