Money Movers 2

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About Money Movers 2

The follow-up to the popular and totally free game of your skill is called Money Movers 2.
In order to accomplish each level of this game, you must solve riddles, operate buttons, pull levers, and avoid guards. To get through the challenges you face at every level, you must control both of these characters. The big brother can lift and toss objects to clear the path or take down a pursuing guard, while the little brother can slip through tight spaces and sprint through laser detectors without being seen. The older brother and the younger brother are the two characters you have. While the younger sibling is quicker and more nimble than the older brother. With the help of security cameras, laser detectors, and other tools, the prison is well-guarded. After successfully breaking out of the prison, the criminal brothers must now enter to release their father from his cell on the following level.
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