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About geometry dash levels 16-21

The following set of levels is part of the ongoing Geometry Dash game, a beloved arcade classic.
Your goal in this game is to finish each level and pass through the portal that is there at its conclusion. The controls are not terribly difficult, despite the fact that the game might occasionally be a little tricky. Use the left mouse button to quickly jump over obstacles on the road when you encounter them. Watch out for the square, the spiky wheel, and any other hazards that are there to keep you from finishing each level. They are all trying to prevent you. You will not be able to move on in this game and will have to start over from scratch if you do not react quickly and leap at the appropriate moment. There are multiple examples of potentially dangerous alternate pathways in the sequences involving the spacecraft and the UFO, with the proper ones being signaled by arrow pulse generators. Numerous new features are present in this level, including a robot game mode that enables the player to jump lower or higher by tapping and holding, an alpha trigger, a move trigger, a pulse trigger, a transformation trigger, a monster, animated spikes, water, bushes, flowers, in-game text, and numerous new decorations. If you collect the stars you discover along the way, you can play as new characters.
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