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About Butterfly Kyodai

You are now able to enjoy the popular mahjong puzzle game Butterfly Kyodai online at no cost and at any time that is convenient for you.
You will be able to complete the objective of this game if you just use your mouse to select the different wing sets that are laid out in front of you. In order for the butterfly to be able to fly at some point in the future, the objective of this game is to construct as many interconnected pairs of wings as possible, all of which must be identical to one another. In order to properly pair the tiles, you need to have the ability to draw a straight line between any two of the tiles in order to connect them. You will not be able to accomplish this if you are unable to do it, and if you cannot do it, you will not be able to do it. Along this road, it is against the rules to enter any other cells, and it is also against the rules to make any twists that are tighter than twenty degrees. The only time this rule can be broken is when two tiles of the same kind are placed directly next to one another; in that circumstance, you can combine them without the need to draw a line between them. This is the only instance in which this rule can be broken. The only time that this rule can be breached is in this specific circumstance. The difficulty of the game will increase with each new level that is successfully completed, and more obstacles, such as fences, will be included to make the overall experience even more challenging. It is in your best advantage to clear the board of all of its spaces as quickly as possible in order to maximize your score before the blue bar at the top of the game reaches its end.
Let's battle our wits against one another in this competition and see who can come out on top.

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